2 Great Ways to get Low Crowds at Disney World

by Krystine Roberts


Looking for a little extra magic? Here are 2 great ways to get low crowds at Disney World. There’s something special about having the park to yourself with minimal people around! You notice things you would not normally be able to see with crowds of people, and you have opportunities to take photos without tons of people in the background.

Epcot Lake

Character Breakfasts in the parks

Getting an early morning character breakfast is a great way to see an empty park. Definitely check park times, though, as this does not apply every day. If the park opens at 9 with no Extra Magic Hours, make a reservation for 8:45. You can get into the park as early as 8, giving you about 30 mins to explore certain areas of the park. Take that photo on Main Street or really take time to see the amazing landscaping at Epcot. Talk with your travel agent about how to make this happen for your family. It does take planning, but it is absolutely worth the effort! Some of our favorite memories have come from a little early morning magic in the parks! Learn more about reservations by clickining here.

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Be the last to leave

Even though attractions close at closing time, the park does not shut down immediately. Stores stay open for at least an hour, and attractions allow those in line to finish the ride. This is a great strategy anyways, but you can get in line right up until park closing. If the park closes at 9, get in line for Splash Mountain or Flight of Passage at 8:59. Both of these rides will take time to wait and complete, most likely finishing at least 9:15 for Splash Mountain and 9:30 for Flight of Passage. By the time you get off of the attraction, most of the crowds will be gone. Have you seen Pandora at night with no crowds? It’s amazing! If you don’t mind staying out late, give this strategy a try!

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