3 Best Ride Lines at Walt Disney World

by: Stella Sinyard

The lines at Disney World are inevitable. We all spend so much time planning fastpasses and trying to figure out how to avoid those lines. Through my many trips to Disney World, I have come to find that there are several attractions in which I enjoy the lines!  How is that possible you ask?    Well here are the 3 best ride lines at Walt Disney World:

  1. Peter Pan’s Flight
  2. Dumbo the Flying Elephant
  3. Buzz & Woody Meet and Greet

Peter Pan’s Flight

The waiting area for Peter Pan’s Flight is my favorite even though it is not quite as much fun as the rest on my list.  If you love the movie it’s worth taking some time to see. As you travel through the line you feel as if you are walking through the Darling home. There are even some interactive magical shadow tricks on the wall. My son, Tucker, loves Peter Pan and the excitement on his face when we walked through the nursery area was more than worth the time we waited in line.

3 Best Ride Lines
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Dumbo the Flying Elephant

On our most recent trip to Disney World, we rode Dumbo for the first time with a wait. We normally either do Fastpass+ or catch it when the line is around fifteen minutes. This time we walked in and the wait was over 30 minutes. We stood in line for about ten minutes before reaching an exciting play area! We received a buzzer, like the ones you get while waiting for a restaurant, and were sent to play. This area is amazing! There is climbing, slides, and even an area reserved for tiny tots. When our buzzer rang Tucker didn’t want to leave. I talked him into leaving so we could go ride and we jumped back in line and got on. Later in the day he begged to ride Dumbo again, I conceded but it turned out he really just wanted to “wait in line” again.

Buzz & Woody Meet and Greet

The last one on my list, is not only one of my favorite lines, but it’s also my favorite character experience. If you pay attention while you are in line you will see there are footprints on the floor with little lines leading up to a scene from Toy Story. If you stand on the footprints and look at the scene you have the perfect view to take the perfect picture! I love to take pictures and I love to give my boys a reason to act silly in line. We have walked through this line at least 6 times and every single time we stop at most of the scenes and get silly pictures. Tucker loves “the claw” and the rocket getting blasted off. Each of the scenes makes the line feel like it is moving so fast you almost wish it wasn’t so short.

The claw in the wait line for Buzz and Woody Meet and Greet

There are even more attractions that have fun and interactive lines, contact Royal Treatment Travel so we can get you experiencing them soon!  Then you can make your own Top 3 Ride Lines at Walt Disney World list!

3 Best Ride Lines