3 Reasons to Visit SeaWorld on your Orlando Vacation

by Karen Hanzlik

January 22, 2019

Orlando, Florida is a travel destination for many families. With so much to do, it is hard to fit it all into one trip. We recently added a day at Sea World to our Orlando family vacation, and it was a ton of fun! Here are 3 reasons to visit SeaWorld on your Orlando Vacation!

1. Shows AND Rides!

Sea World Orlando has, for years, been known for its live shows featuring Orcas, dolphins, and other sea life. In recent years, they have tailored their shows to be more about education and the promotion of conservation. These shows are still highly entertaining (and you might still get splashed!), but the education portion has taken a front seat. Sea World Orlando has also added many new rides and attractions, including some pretty awesome coasters (Kraken Unleashed, Mako and Manta) in recent years. They continue to expand and grow to attract visitors to their parks.

2. Fun for all ages

We mentioned the thrill rides (big coaster fans will love theirs!), but with the 2019 addition of the Sesame Street area in Sea World Orlando, the options for younger kids just got even better. Shows, rides and even a parade featuring Sesame Street favorite characters will be a huge draw for the preschool and young school-age crowd. Our family favorite activities included the “Pets Ahoy” show, which featured local rescue animals performing some amazing talents, and the Empire of the Penguin, where you ride a fun, educational ride that takes you “behind the scenes” of the penguins living here, 5 different species!

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3. Your purchases help save wild animals around the world

A portion of ticket sales, as well as food and merchandise in the park goes right back to the rescue and rehabilitation of wild animals. Did you know that the Sea World Orlando’s Rescue Team has completed 33,000 rescues of sick, injured and orphaned animals? The company also has a conservation fund that was started in 2003, and continues providing grant funds to support organizations in their conservation efforts around the globe.

As you can see, Sea World Orlando has much to offer. Families can find something here for everyone! Let us at Royal Treatment Travel help you plan your day at Sea World Orlando. Our experienced Travel Planners have visited the park, attended trainings, and are ready to help you plan your experience. Contact your Royal Treatment Travel Planner, or send us an email: info@royaltreatmenttravel.com