What is the Best Age to Take Your Kids to Disney World?

by Amy Ennis

Feb 27, 2018

“What is the best age to take my kids for their first trip to Walt Disney World?”  Travel Planners are asked the best age for Disney question all the time and here are our answers!

There are a lot of parents that will say, “I don’t want to go until they can remember it.” The question here is, “At what age do you think we as humans start remembering life events?” I remember going to pre-school and getting in trouble with Miss Polly for talking during nap time, (by the way, it was totally Steven Shrader making me giggle, he was just better at faking being asleep then me!) so that is around 4. So, what is the best age for Disney? I also can remember going to visit my Uncle in Florida when I was about 6. He did construction for Walt Disney World, so he took us over to the Magic Kingdom for the day. What do I remember from that trip? Meeting Characters on Main Street, that is about it. So maybe you should wait till your kids are older?


I have been lucky and have been taking trips to Walt Disney World for as long as I can remember. For me, it was just natural that I would take my daughter for her 1st birthday. While she doesn’t remember that trip, I do! I remember her sitting straight up from her stroller when her favorite Disney Jr. characters walked by during the parade. I remember my parents, spending the day with us, their last trip to the parks, and being able to share something with her that I love and am passionate about. Those memories are ones that I will always treasure. So maybe that trip was really for me.

Best Age for Disney

Toddlers to Teens

My boys were 3 and 4 when I took them for their 1st trip. Going as a teenager and a young adult you are on a mission. A mission to see how many times you can ride your favorite rides, eat all the best snacks and “in the old days” go to the clubs on Pleasure Island. But when I took my kids, I started to notice things that I had missed over my many trips, the little details that make Disney so magical. Magic that can be seen in your children’s eyes. Not rushing to Space Mountain, but spending time playing on the splash pad of Ariel’s Grotto, having an adventure on Tom Sawyer’s island and meeting Mickey Mouse for the first time. It is a slower pace, a pace that gave me a new appreciation and made me love it that much more. My boys are now 12 and 13, they can still tell you things about that trip. Jack getting kissed my Jasmine and Aidan riding Tower of Terror, (don’t judge, he insisted on riding it and he still lets me know each time we go that I traumatized him!).  Does that make it the best age for Disney?

The older your kids are, say 9 or 10, you can experience more of the parks. They will be able to ride the bigger attractions, not take breaks during the day for naps and then of course there is no need for the dreaded stroller! It is a different experience, with its own set of memories. Walt Disney wanted Disneyland to be a place for families of all ages to be able to spend time together…to make memories!

Fun at Any Age!

Every time you go to Disney World, it is a different experience with a new set of memories. The answer to best age for Disney question is:“Any age!” So, don’t wait for the perfect age, because they all are the perfect age. Any time you can spend time with your family is the perfect time and life is short, don’t miss out on memories that you will cherish waiting for the “Perfect age!”

Best Age for Disney