Cast Members make WDW Magical!

by:Vicki Clark

What makes WDW so Magical?

That’s a hard question to answer because the reasons are different for each person. Guests visiting any of Disney’s vacation destinations can tell you their personal stories of magical moments. The common
factor between all these touching stories is that there are usually  Cast Members involved!

Disney’s employees are called ‘Cast Members’. This term is used as a reminder that each employee is a part of a ‘cast’ putting on a show for an audience and should remain “in character” while at work. The Walt Disney World Travel Company is, after all, in the entertainment business. Cast Members are trained in the Four Keys to a great guest experience: Safety, Courtesy, Show, and Efficiency. No matter which role they play, the Cast Members’ hospitality and customer service always shines through. They
really love their jobs and interacting with guests!

Roles Cast Members Play

Here are just a few roles they play to make vacations magical:

Ways to thank a Cast Member:

-Compliment them!

-Give them a Thank You card!

-Leave a tip for mousekeeping and baggage handlers!

-Stop by Guest Relations to leave a ‘Great Service Fanatic Card’ for a certain CM that made your trip more magical!

-Take a picture with them.

-Visit them again on your next vacation!

-E-mail your experience to the Disney World Guest Communications account (

Guests fall in love with Disney’s customer-focused brand exhibited every day by Cast Members. This is why we keep going back again and again to experience the magic only Disney can give.