12 Essentials to Pack on a Disney Cruise

by Laurie DeVries
March 5, 2018

Everyone travels and packs differently, but there 12 Essentials to Pack on a Disney Cruise you should consider bringing.

I don’t know about you, but as much as I love vacations, packing is still very stressful. I still have the same recurring nightmare prior to each vacation where I lose my required documents and miss my flight. Simple packing decisions turn into a mathematical calculation. What type of luggage should I bring? Who do I need to tip? What special clothes should I bring? Do I really need to bring beach towels? The list goes on when trying to figure out what should be in your Disney Cruise Essentials. No two vacations are alike and packing is no exception.

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  • Online Check-In Port Arrival Form – You will print this at home when you complete your online check in. Bring it with!
  • Disney Cruise Line Booklet – You will receive this in the mail a few weeks prior to departure and it is loaded with info (and your luggage tags).
  • Required documents – Check to make sure you have what you need. YOU WILL BE DENIED BOARDING if you do not!
  • Lanyard with pocket to hold key cards
  • Backpack – You will not see your luggage for several hours! This should hold all essentials until luggage arrives. Things to put in your backpack:
    • Sunscreen
    • Swimsuits (Jump in right away!)
    • Wet bag (for those wet suits)
    • Autograph books with pen/sharpie
    • Hand sanitizer
    • Wet wipes
    • Hat/Sunglasses
    • Cash for tipping (luggage handlers, room service, etc)
    • Portable cell phone charger
    • Refillable hot/cold water bottle
    • Prescription Medications
  • Download the Disney Cruise Line App before you leave port – can be used to communicate to one another on-board
  • Seasick medication
  • Door magnets to decorate stateroom door – concierge doors on Dream/Fantasy are not magnetic
  • Beach bag
  • Cardigan or light sweatshirt
  • Pirate Night clothing

Deciding what to pack can be the hardest part of vacation. Allow us at Royal Treatment Travel to take the stress out of all of your travel planning by booking your next Disney trip through us!

12 Essentials to Pack on a Disney Cruise