Sailing with Mickey on the Disney Wonder

 by: Stella Sinyard
Jan 18, 2018

Who wants to sail with Mickey on the Disney Wonder Cruise ship? I recently sailed aboard the Disney Wonder cruise ship where I was whisked away on a fun-filled, exciting and relaxing vacation and I never even left the ship. The newly remodeled ship offered something for everyone; my kids spent time in the Oceaneer’s Club/Lab and the Small World Nursery, while my husband and I spent time together in the adult-only areas and alone in some new favorite spots around the ship.

The Disney Wonder

The Oceaneer’s Club


The Oceaneer’s Club on the Disney Wonder had my son jumping out of bed every morning, rushing to get ready so he didn’t miss any of the activities scheduled such as; learning how to become a superhero with Captain America, dancing with Woody’s friends, adventures with the crew from Frozen, becoming a doctor with Doc McStuffins and so many other crafts and activities


Small World Nursery

We took advantage of the Small World Nursery with my youngest son. He’s too young to go to the Oceaneer’s Club, but didn’t miss out on all the fun. In the nursery they had playtime and activities fit for the youngest crowd. Once, when I came to pick him up, he was sitting at a table coloring with none other than Doc McStuffins. It was no wonder he didn’t want to leave!

Family Fun and Adults Only Time

All around the Disney Wonder cruise ship, there were fun activities to participate in as a family. One day we all dressed as pirates and went to a party and danced with Jake from the Neverland Pirates and Sophia the First! Another evening we danced and played with Mickey and the gang at a lovely Christmas party complete with snow and hot chocolate! One of our favorite things to do while things were winding down before naps was to head to the Promenade Lounge and work on some crafts or play a board game.

My husband and I loved the fact that we got to go on a family vacation, but were still able to squeeze some time in together to be alone. At the Quiet Cove, we were able to get drinks and relax by the pool without worrying if the kids were safe and happy. We also loved to get away to deck 4 where it just happened to be empty most of the time and lounge on the deck chairs talking, reading, and just enjoying the view.

Disney Wonder Cruise

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Pool and Splashing on Disney Wonder Cruise

The kids loved the pools and the splash pad. My oldest son squealed with delight when he saw the brand new water slide for the first time. He could not wait to be at the top and sliding his way down. My youngest wasn’t allowed in the pools because he was not potty trained.  He wasn’t left out of the fun though, aboard the Disney Wonder cruise ship every detail is thought out and of course, they had the perfect solution for the youngest of their cruisers in the form of a splash pad themed around Dory’s Reef. He loved splashing and exploring the area.

Restaurants on the Disney Wonder

And last, but not least, I can’t forget to tell you about the food! There were three amazing restaurants on the Disney Wonder and each night you rotate so that you get to experience all of them. Our favorites were Animator’s Palate and Tiana’s Place. At Animator’s Palate, we were able to see our own drawings come alive on screen! Tiana’s had a lovely atmosphere with live music and classic Cajun food. For breakfast and lunch, we ate mostly at Cabana’s or Pete’s Boiler Bites. Pete’s Boiler Bites had food for my pickiest of picky eaters, hot dogs and hamburgers. Cabana’s had a wide variety of food to choose from every day.







We really enjoyed every aspect of our Disney Wonder vacation. The only thing I regret is the fact that we haven’t yet booked our next cruise adventure and my son won’t quit asking when we get to go again!

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Disney Wonder Cruise