Disney’s Magical Express Guide

by Amy Ennis

If you are wondering how to get to Walt Disney World once you land at the Orlando International Airport, our Disney’s Magical Express Guide will help explain it all. Walt Disney World Resort offers the Magical Express as a FREE transportation service for guests staying on property. Even better, Disney offers a free luggage delivery service upon your arrival and departure! Here is how it works!

Before you leave home

You will receive luggage tags in the mail, usually 2 weeks prior to your trip. There is nothing better than getting a little magic in the mail, right? The luggage tag envelope will also include instructions for your adhesive tags, the process for boarding the Magical Express, and a map of the Orlando International Airport. 

Important Reminders Before You Leave

  • You will want to attach your luggage tags to each suitcase you are checking in. This will help Cast Members identify your bags and deliver them to your room.
  • Be sure to pack any medications and other essential items in your carry on. Sometimes it takes several hours for your luggage to arrive at your resort room. You may want to bring a few things in a carry-on bag and head to the pool to relax before you start your busy park days. You will also want to keep your Magic Bands with you! You’ll need them to check in for the Magical Express at the airport.
  • The Magical Express uses motor coach buses, so you will not need to worry about bringing your child’s safety seat.

When You Arrive at the Airport

When you land you will take the train to get to the main terminal; you will be on Level 3. There are signs posted to help you navigate to the Disney’s Magical Express check in point. 

After you get off the train, proceed to Terminal B to access Disney’s Magical Express that is located on Level 1. 

The Magical Express motor coaches depart continuously, but you may experience a wait. You will check in with the Cast Member using your Magic Band that you packed in your carry on. They will direct you to the motor coach line. While you wait, you will be able to watch Disney Shorts and information on the Parks via overhead televisions. It will get you excited to start your adventure. 

Notice I did not say anything about stopping and picking up your luggage at in the baggage claim area?

Luggage Delivery

Since you tagged your luggage, Disney World will get all your marked bags from the airline and deliver them to your resort room. I always hate waiting for my luggage, so this is a great service. If you decide not to use the luggage tags, you can collect your own luggage from baggage claim and bring it on the motor coach.

  • Luggage delivery may take up to 3 hours after you arrive at your Walt Disney Resort, but it will be delivered right to your room! How sweet is that?!
  • Unfortunately, if your flight arrives after 10:00 pm this service it not available. You will have to stop and pick it up from baggage claim and the Magical Express Cast Members will load it on the motor coach bus for you.

Departure on the Magical Express

Disney fans call this the “Tragic Express”…well really, who wants to leave the “Most Magical Place on Earth”? 

The day prior to your check out, a Cast Member will slip instructions under your resort room door for your departure on Disney’s Magical Express. It will include information about your departure time, bag check in location at the resort and the location that the Magical Express will pick you up. 

Your Royal Treatment Travel Planner will have already given them your flight information, so your departure times will be based on that. The Magical Express will pick you up from your resort roughly three hours prior to your flight.

Again, they will take care of your luggage for you, so you’ll only need to worry about carrying all those souvenirs!

When you are planning your next trip to the Mouse’s House, don’t forget to ask your Royal Treatment Travel Planner about adding Disney’s Magical Express to your vacation. We are always here to help make your vacation as relaxing as possible. 

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