Free at Sea Offers from Norwegian

by Theresa Bailey

With Norwegian Cruise Line, there are many ways to save with their Free at Sea offers. The 4 mainstay perks are Free Open Bar, Free Specialty Dining, Free Excursions, and Free Wifi. During certain times of the year you’ll receive an added bonus. Let’s further explore the amazing offers.

NCL Free at Sea Ship

Free Open Bar

If you enjoy cocktails, wine, and spirits while cruising, then Free Open Bar is for you. Selecting this offer is the closest you’ll get to “all inclusive” while sailing. Drinks include: spirits and cocktails, wines, draft beers, juice, and soft drinks. 

Guests 1 & 2 in the room 21+ receive this offer. Some exclusions apply and you pay for the gratuities upfront. You can purchase beverage packages for guests 3 & 4 at an additional charge.

Free Specialty Dining

On the ship you have main dining rooms which are included and some specialty restaurants with an upcharge. The Free Specialty Dining offer allows you a few nights of premium dining depending on the length of your cruise. On cruises 3-9 day cruises guests will receive 3 meals. On cruises 10 days or longer guests receive 4 meals.

This Free at Sea offer is for Guests 1 & 2 in the room and you pay gratuities upfront. You can purchase specialty dining packages for guests 3 & 4 at an additional charge.

Free Excursion Credits

Who doesn’t love a credit for excursions!? This offer gives you $50 per port to use when booking excursions through NCL. The $50 is per stateroom, not per person. You’ll want to call in to book your excursions so the credit will be applied.

Free Wifi

Sometimes you need to stay in touch with those you’re leaving on land. The Free Wifi offer gives you 250 minutes of internet service while on board the ship. It’s 250 minutes per stateroom and accessed by logging in. Only one device can be logged in at a time.

It’s important to note that the amount of Free at Sea offers you receive is based on stateroom type. Studio and inside rooms receive one offer, Oceanview rooms receive two offers, and Balcony and above receive All Free at Sea offers.

Don’t need Open Bar and don’t want to pay gratuities? No worries! You can choose other offers. Even if you book a balcony and qualify for All Free at Sea offers you can select only the ones you need.

It’s easy to save with the Free at Sea offers. Ready to set sail on Norwegian Cruise Line? Get in touch and we can help you start planning today.

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