Guide to Club Level at Royal Pacific Orlando

by Sara Kerr

December 20, 2020

You may have heard about Club or Concierge Level and thought it was too expensive or maybe not worth it. We recently stayed at Loews Royal Pacific Resort and upgraded to Club Level for the full Royal experience. Here is my guide to club level at Royal Pacific in Orlando.

At the time of check in, you will receive information with times and items offered in the Royal Club Lounge which is located on the top floor in the third tower of the resort. You will need to swipe your room key in the elevator and proceed to the end of the hallway where you are greeted at the door with Aloha!

Guide to Club Level at Royal Pacific Orlando

Each morning a Continental Breakfast is served where there are options from cereal, yogurts and oatmeal to pastries, including amazing donuts and hard-boiled eggs. They offer juices, coffee, tea and milk. Be sure to grab any sodas and bottled water that you would like to take with you if headed to the parks or pool!

Afternoon snacks are offered at club level for anyone that may be enjoying a resort day relaxing by the pool. The lounge is open all day for you to go in and grab drinks anytime you would like. We loved being able to take full size, not mini bottles of water and soda to have throughout the day.

Royal Relaxation was our favorite time and we may have eaten much more than we should have!! During the week the park hours have earlier close times, so you may notice more people coming to the lounge during this time. We were greeted again with Aloha and then asked what we would like to drink, beer and wine are offered during this time. We decided to try it all and why not, so we had the steak sandwich with grilled onions and cheese, the hummus box with veggies and chips and salsa. This doesn’t sound like a lot, but the steak sandwich was incredible! Everyone in the lounge agreed and continued to get another sandwich since they were so delicious. Once we were done relaxing and enjoying the delicious food, we headed off for a walk around the resort knowing we would be heading back to the lounge for dessert!

Something Sweet is offered during the evening and we were so glad we walked off our sandwiches. There were different types of big cookies that came individually wrapped and then a decadent chocolate cupcake that was the best we have ever tasted! We decided to get a cup of hot tea with honey and head back to our room to enjoy our treats.

Due to our visit being during Covid, we were unsure what the resort would be able to offer and how they would handle cleaning with people coming in and out of the lounge. I was so incredibly impressed! Everything was either wrapped or there was someone serving the food with gloves on. If you chose to sit in the lounge and enjoy your food and drinks, it was cleaned as soon as you got up. There was continuous cleaning going on by the Loews staff and asking guests if there was anything else they could do for them.

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This upgrade to the Royal Club level was so worth it and we can’t wait to go back! If you are traveling with your family, you will normally spend quite a bit on meals so it only makes sense to do Club Level for the included food and drinks. We spoke to many families while in the lounge and they loved the ability to go and grab drinks for all kids and adults as well as food throughout the day. There are dietary accommodations that can be made as well.  We loved our Royal Club experience and look forward to helping you book your next Loews Royal Pacific Resort stay during your Universal Orlando vacation!

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