Is the Universal Orlando Express Pass Worth It

by Sara Kerr

January 5, 2021

Clients often ask is the Universal Orlando Express Pass worth it? Yes, skip the long lines during your next Universal Orlando vacation! Universal Express Passes offer the opportunity to ride more, wait less by skipping the regular ride lines. There are multiple Express Passes offered where you are able to skip the line once per ride or with the Unlimited Express Pass, skip the line over and over on all the rides that are offered. 

When booking your trip to Universal, you are able to add Express Passes on to your package at a per park, per day cost. However, if you choose to stay at a Premier Resort at Universal – these Express Passes are included as a benefit! Wait, FREE – yes, they are free and even better, they are the Unlimited Express Passes!

Express Pass Pricing

Once you have entered either Islands of Adventure or Universal Studios, head straight to the ride of your choice, if they offer Express Pass there will be a separate line. You won’t miss it; it’ll be the one with no one in it! 

*At this time, Hagrids Motorbike Adventure is not accepting Express Pass. 

We recently stayed at Loews Royal Pacific Resort and at check in we received our room key which would also act as our Express Pass card. We dropped our stuff in our room and headed over to Diagon Alley! One of our favorite rides, Escape from Gringotts was running at 25 min which was great but as we entered the Express Pass line, we noticed there were only 3 people in front of us. We continued to ride over and over 4 times until we decided it was time for Butterbeer!

Overall, we rode 11 rides multiple times and when it got busy in the late afternoon, we headed back to our resort to lounge by the pool. 

If your family will be visiting the parks during the holidays or busier months, you’ll definitely want the Express Pass. Ask your Travel Advisor to quote you the Premier Resorts for your stay, they may be a little more but the benefits far exceed the increase.

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