Managing Your Diabetes in Orlando

by Chris Brown

April 28, 2021

Being diabetic can be difficult at home during regular days, but add in theme park food and excitement, it becomes more difficult. The extra walking, standing and eating can create more dramatic highs and lows. As a Type I diabetic who is a frequent guest at both Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando, here are my tips for managing your diabetes in Orlando.

What to Pack in Your Park Bag

Not all of us have the same level of equipment to treat our diabetes, so I’m going to go over all of it.

  • Snacks-Lows can occur at any time, especially with the extra walking. Fruit snacks, glucose tabs, candy or even a soda in your park bag will ensure you never have to leave the queue to fix a low.
  • Testing Supplies-Always have a test kit in your bag! Even if you have a CGM and pump bring a test kit!
  • Insulin-spare insulin (pen needles or in a vial).
  • Insulin Cooler-Frio makes a nice, small, soft sided insulin cooler that will fit into your sling bag!
  • Spare Needles/Syringe/Alcohol Wipes-Before I was on a pump, I used to inject anywhere and then take my needles to the sharps containers located in all the restrooms.
  • Spare Infusion Set-I have the worst luck with infusion sets, they get ripped out, they fall off, they get kinked. Put 2 extras in your bag so you don’t have to run back to the hotel.
  • Glucagon Gun-If you have a severe hypoglycemia, this will save you. Prep your family and friends prior! I carry a baqsimi nasal powder in my kit.
Park Bag Items Managing Your Diabetes in Orlando

First Aid

Sometimes, managing your diabetes while on vacation can get away from you. Every park has a First Aid location staffed with Nurses and Paramedics. If you run out of supplies, are having a hard time or need any help, stop by and see them. I’ve only been in there for alcohol wipes and ointment before, but they have always been ready to help.

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