Pirates of the Caribbean – Did you know?

We all know the Pirates of the Caribbean is a dark ride at Disneyland and Walt Disney World. However,  you may not know the most interesting part of the story!  Learn more with us about Pirates of the Caribbean – Did you know?!

It all started in 1961 as concept drawings from Mark Davis, who had been working with Disney since Snow White. Pirates of the Caribbean was built into the bend in the Rivers of America in a brand new section of the park called New Orleans Square. It started as a walk through wax museum, recreating some of the most famous pirates to ever sail the seas. However, thanks to one Mr. Lincoln, and a bird named Jose, there was a new technology in the world and it’s name was Audio-Animatronics. With this new technology the wax museum idea was immediately scrapped. This new attraction was now a completely different idea than originally planned. Davis went with a more cartoonish and romanticized version of the Pirates. Walt Disney loved the new approach. According to Alice Davis, Marks future wife, Walt pulled her aside and had her look at the drawings. “This pirate ride is going to be a smash. It’s really going to be a good show!” He had said to her.

He never got to realize how true that statement was. The Pirates ride in Disneyland was one of the last rides Walt had a personal hand in creating. The ride differs in all the parks. The ride length for example, is much shorter in Disney World, only about seven minutes, while the one in Disneyland clocks in at an impressive seventeen minutes. Over the years the rides have seen many improvements and changes, but the one thing that no amount of change could ever remove is the heart and spirit of Walt Disney in the extremely popular water attraction.

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