Wilderness Explorers 

by Stella Sinyard

July 18, 2018 

My four year old, Tucker, loves Animal Kingdom! He has several activities there he loves, but he looks forward to Wilderness Explorers most of all! He loves looking through the booklet, even after we return home he continues to talk about the activities and the things he learned. But what is Wilderness Explorers and how can you do it? 

What is Wilderness Explorers? 

Wilderness Explorers is an interactive adventure using the concept from the movie UP! They have a booklet with loads of information and fun activities in it. Each page has a sticker you can earn after you complete the activity. As you walk through the park you will see Cast Members with orange bags, the bag will have a symbol on it that corresponds with a page in your booklet. When you see one of these Cast Members you go up to them and they will guide you through your activity and present you with the special sticker for that page. There are activities all through the park! 

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Who can do Wilderness Explorers?  

ANYONE! My husband and I took an adult only trip to see Pandora – The World of Avatar. When I noticed they had new Wilderness Explorer activities in Pandora, I took my adult self over there got a book and completed the activity. The best part about it is that no one even batted an eye, because adults get to have fun at Disney too! Tucker is 4 and this trip he really got into it and participated, in the years past he was excited, but I had to guide him to figure things out and answer the questions. My two-year-old loves to participate as well but he normally just listens and then happily checks out the sticker. They both love walking around the park looking for the Wilderness Explorer symbol and pointing them out when we reach a new one! 

How do I participate? 

We like to grab a book as soon as we get in the park. The first place you can find a Wilderness Explorers book is right after you cross the bridge and into Discovery Island. On the right you will find a large Wilderness Explorer set up. There you can get a booklet, pencil, and special Wilderness Explorer sticker. There are also starting points around the park and you can always ask a Cast Member where the nearest place is.  

How much does it cost? 

Wilderness Explorers is free! It’s included with the cost of admission.  

How long does Wilderness Explorers last? 

It’s totally up to you! You can to do as many or as few of the activities as you like! We have been before where we spent most of the day searching out activities to do and there have been times when we have only done one or two of the activities. If it were up Tucker we would ride Kilimanjaro Safari, work our way around the park doing Wilderness Explorers, and end the day in Dinoland at the Boneyard.  


Wilderness Explorers has been so much fun for my family. It gets us looking around the park and doing and seeing things we might have missed. We also enjoy working on the activities as a family. It gives us a great souvenir and something to talk about long after we are home. We have yet to finish all the activities in one book but we have a goal to get one finished some day! 

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