Rise of the Resistance Ride

The Rise of the Resistance ride is open at Hollywood Studios and we are getting our first look at this amazing and immersive new ride. All of the reviews are highly positive and guests say it’s the BEST attraction they’ve ever experienced!

*Warning, there are spoilers! 

Rise of the Resistance Ride Stormtroopers
Stormtroopers on Rise of the Resistance

With an impressive new scale that houses multiple ride systems like no other, the Rise of the Resistance ride is an impressive Star Wars attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios . You enter the world of the rebels and and First Order by accepting a mission from the Resistance that is bound to have twists and turns as the evil empire tries to extinguish the Jedi’s spark of rebellion. Legions of Stormtrooper, droids, Resistance fighters and even Kylo Ren are found along the way on this ride! Prepare for a thrilling, first-of-its-kind adventure! Let’s get your next Walt Disney World® vacation planned so you can experience it too!


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