Sandals South Coast Overview 2021

by Nicole Newgas

August 19, 2021

I recently had the opportunity to travel to Sandals South Coast for Destination Wedding training.  This was my first trip since the pandemic started and it was the first time I have ever traveled alone internationally.  Honestly, I was a little nervous about traveling, but it was worth it.  Sandals South Coast is truly a great resort!

Sandals South Coast is located in the south-west coast on a marine sanctuary in Whitehouse, Jamaica.  The closest airport is Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay.  The resort is less than 60 miles from the airport and takes about 90 minutes to reach if using the complimentary shared transfers included with your stay.   The road from the airport to the resort is curvy and you do have to ascend and descend a mountain to reach the destination.  Personally, I was worried about possibly getting car sick so I opted to pay for private transfers.  This actually worked out great because my driver let me sit in the front seat and the drive did not bother me at all.  (I am very prone to motion sickness when not driving.)  The transfer time with the private transfers was approximately 60 minutes – and there was no stopping along the way like there is with the complimentary transfers.  I thought it was well worth the money! 

The resort is located on a peninsula.  One of the things that I really loved about this resort that it was in the shape of a triangle as opposed to being spread out in a straight line across the beach.  The resort is 50 acres which is rather large, but due to the layout, it did not feel overwhelming.  

The majority of the restaurants and bars, as well as the main pool, are located near the Main Entrance and Lobby.   This promenade area is also where most of the nightly entertainment takes place.  There are also cozy areas complete with fires lit at night perfect for relaxing in the evening.  The resort also has the Casa Blanca Martini Bar and Le Cabaret Bar.  I did not get a chance to check them out, but they looked like fun when I walked by late one evening!  

If you do visit this resort, I highly recommend dinner at Sushi on the Sand. This is an outdoor restaurant and the ambience was so nice.  The food was amazing as well!  I personally do not like fish, however, some in my group wanted to eat here so I figured I would give it a try.  I ordered the Vegetable Spring Roll and the Crispy Chicken Kara Age.  Everything was so good!  The rest of my group ordered what seemed to be one of everything on the menu and they raved at how delicious it was.

Sushi on the Sand

The Villages

There are 3 villages which make up the accommodations at Sandals South Coast.  Each have its very own courtyard with pool overlooking the ocean.  One of the unique things about this resort is that every room in these 3 villages – including entry level rooms – have a view of the ocean.

The closest village to the restaurants is the Italian Village which was recently renovated.  The majority of the rooms in this village are Club and Butler Elite room categories, however, there is one Luxury level room category which can be found here.  The smallest, and quietest, pool of the three villages can be found here, but there is also a hot tub.  There is no set bar that services this particular village, but it is close to the Jerk Shack!

Those who would prefer a bar close to their pool should visit the Dutch Village.  This village was recently renovated and reopened December 2020.  Like the Italian Village, the Dutch Village has mostly Club and Butler Elite room categories, but also has a Luxury level room category.  All of the rooms in the Dutch Village have balcony or patio tranquility soaking tubs!  Guests who are interested in staying in a swim-up room will want to stay in the Dutch Village – this is the only village, other than the swim-up Rondoval suites, where swim-up rooms can be found at Sandals South Coast.  The Dutch Village pool was a bit livelier than the one in the Italian Village.  It was also quite larger.  Although the Dutch Village does not have a swim-up bar, the Dutch Bar is located nearby so guests do not have to venture too far for a drink!

Speaking of drinks, between the Dutch Village and the French Village is Latitudes Over the Water Bar.  This was so cool!  You have a 360-degree view while enjoying your drink of choice.  There are also hammocks over the water along the perimeter of the bar.  This is a great place to chill in the evening and watch the sunset!

Latitudes Sandals South Coast

The last village is the French Village.  Like the other two villages, this village has both a pool and a hot tub.  Unlike the other two villages, there is a swim up bar at this pool.  The French Village only houses Luxury level rooms.  This pool was much livelier than the other village pools with music and activities during the day.  I stayed in the French Village and was in a lower number room.  I did not even realize there was a pool here at first since I could not see it from my room – nor could I hear it.

Sandals South Coast is also home to Over-the-Water Bungalows as well as the brand-new South Seas Swim-Up Rondoval Butler Suites with Private Pool Sanctuary.  These Rondovals are the only rooms on property which do not have a view of the ocean.  They do, however, have their very own private pools and are all interconnected by a large river pool which more than makes up for this.

Between all of the land sports, water sports, entertainment, pools, bars, food, and beaches, the Sexy South Coast is the perfect choice for couples wanting to disconnect from their lives and reconnect with each other.  The resort is the perfect balance of quiet seclusion and entertainment which makes it possible to feel recharged and refreshed after your stay!

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