Top 10 Things for Kids at Epcot

by Stella Sinyard

October 25, 2018

Epcot is fun for kids! I hear people, all the time, say they are skipping Epcot because their kids won’t like it! My kids love it. Come see my Top 10 Things for Kids at Epcot!

Top 10 Things for Kids at Epcot ?

Epcot Kidcot Fun Stops

Located at each country’s pavilion there is a Kidcot Fun Stop. Here kids can take a minute (normally in the shade or air conditioning!) to learn about the country from someone native to the country you are “visiting.” At the first stop they will get a baggy, that looks like a suitcase, and they will also get a sticker with a small card at each stop. The card has some information about the country and a picture to color.

Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure

This is an interactive game! You use your phone to sign up and play at Then you can choose one of 6 countries to begin your mission! You will receive clues to help solve the mission and save the world!  This will lead you to get some major surprises in each country! These can take 30-45 minutes each, so I recommend only doing a couple per trip! *Bring a back up phone charger.

What Attractions are fun for kids at Epcot?


There are several rides that small children can ride at Epcot; Spaceship Earth, The Seas with Nemo and Friends, Frozen Ever After, Gran Fiesta Tour, Journey into the imagination with Figment, and Living with the Land.

Aquarium and Play

There is also an aquarium and small play area near The Seas with Nemo and Friends.

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What else would be fun for kids at Epcot?


Around the showcase you will find many short shows that kids will love! If you check the Times Guide you will see times for shows such as; a mariachi band, acrobats, and drummers.


Epcot has so many chances to meet many characters. Check your app and try to catch so many princesses such as; Belle, Mary Poppins, Mulan, Aurora, Jasmine, Snow White, Anna and Elsa. You can even meet Baymax, Joy and Sadness!

Playing and Exploring

There are several places around Epcot that kids enjoy playing and exploring. My kids love playing the drums at the Refreshment Outpost and exploring the gardens in the “United Kingdom”.

Club Cool

At Club Cool they can try sodas from all over the world for free!

Are there any other Extras that are fun for kids at Epcot?


You can purchase a “Passport” for around $10 to take around the showcase. You can get a stamp at each country. There are also stickers to go on the pages in the passport book. I have my kids search for the things they see on the stickers and then place them in the book after they find it.

Scavenger Hunt

During certain times of the year Epcot has special scavenger hunt maps. These cost around $7 and include a prize at completion! During Food and Wine they have a Ratatouille Hide and Squeak map. You search for hidden Remy’s around the park and match the sticker to each one you find. During the Flower and Garden festival last year they had a “Bee” hunt. For several years they have also had an egg hunt around Easter.

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